18 November 2011

Love Is Blind, Or Is It Kind?

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Winter Letter From Char

Men and women, women and men; moon and sun, earth and sky.  The masculine and feminine is within us all. 

Jung calls this the anima and animus, this is our deep sacred territory of how we experience vision and heart and the capacity to trust our intuition and our ancestors.  Jung also talks about something aboriginal people call the “Bush Soul” which is our animal or a certain kind of tree.  This “Bush Soul” is considered an innate and essential part of the human, soul, inseparable from the person themselves.  This animal or the tree acts as our ally and if we don’t have one we are considered lost to ourselves, our community and to our deep loved ones. 

What has happened to our natural instinctual selves our deeply human animal our instinctual selves. Our self trust our openness to the natural world.  What has happened to our connection between the anima and the animus.  Externally we see the reparation, but externally we also see the work that needs to be done.  What if we were to write an apology to instinctual selves?  I am sorry for all the times that I did not listen to my own true nature.  I’m sorry I did not speak up like a lion would, or fall silent like an oak tree.  But, what if we were to commit to use our silence and our voice for the benefit of all human kind?  We can normalize Love is Kind and release the belief that love is blind. 

We can always see when we are being trust worthy and loving and when we are being authentic in the world.  Actions taken inside and in nature, words said or unsaid in our relationships, its time for a new tactic, that of coming into contact with ourselves, with our science and our spirit, our intelligence and our heart.  Working together to say what’s true inside to ourselves to others with some compassion directness and tenderness. The simple act of extending love to ourselves, to all of ourselves that means every part.

In this time of winter what do you love about your masculine dynamic self?  What do you appreciate about your feminine and receptive side?  And how can we connect with the deep wild soul?  That wants to run like a cheetah, tear things apart, rest in the sun?  Run fast at record breaking speed and fall silent. 

How can we connect with the deep acceptance of who we are and not try to be who we are not?

I love what Wayne Dyer says, “don’t chase what you don’t want”.  Is what we are chasing feeding the balance conversation between the receptive and dynamic in our natures.  Are we nourished by our connectedness with nature, with the rain, with the touch of the wind and the devotional sun break in the clouds.  This is a time to go deep into our own true nature and start a conversation with the unbroken and unknown within ourselves.  Like it’s a grand spelunking adventure in search if some treasure found deep inside and in the trees and ferns outside our back door.  It’s time to allow the truth of our treasures to shine into the world.  Our humanity is beautiful, sacred, a gift and so is any conversation between a man and a woman, a woman and a woman, a man and a man.  But, especially between any human being and their soul.

These are some suggestions to deepen into our true nature in this season of winter

* Spend time with the elements invite a new relationship to emerge.

* Recognizing them in you and you in them.

* Give gratitude for the life they lend you, honor your dynamic active nature notice where your vision has come into reality.

* Balance that with the magnetic receptive nature what have you truly received what guidance have you received and in what ways has that consistently taken your life to more positive and beautiful places.

* What animals allies, beings in nature have most wanted your attention?  This is one of the ways the soul speaks to us through the symbols animals and beings in nature that we most love. 

* Notice… read about what you’re noticing (the animal, the tree) Attention is a form of devotion, noticing is way of retrieving ourselves and a way of becoming whole. 

Many blessings during this winter season,

In Beauty,

Char Sundust

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