26 April 2012

Spring Letter From Char

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Yaa Khit Mahk -  Thai Endangered Word

Less Thinking, More Happiness.

Love is happiness, what we love, who we love, our self love and our love for our dreams and destiny. That doesn’t mean that love is always easy, but when love isn’t easy we know it’s time to explore ourselves.  It’s time to apply our love to our own work.  It’s time for, less judgment and more compassion, less criticism and more forgiveness.  Less talking and more listening, less wisdom and more wonder.  This is not always easy, sometimes it is work to remember what we love, and learn how to love more.  We can learn how. The arms of love by Angeles Arrien, let us encounter a way to deepen our commitment to love.  This is what is needed at this time, for all of us.  We are all learning, but, if we can look at the arms of love daily, and begin with great or little effort to apply them, and then we can celebrate the ones that are strong within us.  We can be responsible for improve in the ones that need strengthening.  Love is the most powerful healing force in the world.  The arms of love are; acknowledgment, appreciation, gratitude, forgiveness, validation, laughter, and play.

When do I show or extend the arms of love?  When do I acknowledge when someone has impacted me through their actions or thoughtful words, through kindness?  When do I give gratitude?  When is it safe enough to be vulnerable, and show what I feel?  What does someone have to do for us to express our gratitude?  Do we thank someone for the smallest thing?  Do we have an ongoing list of what to do for ourselves and our loved ones?  Instead of how to be with ourselves and our loved ones…The arms of love are how we can be with ourselves and our community.  Can we give authentic gratitude, when someone has done something or said something that has touched our hearts?  Can we unfurl into intimacy, bridge two people or a group of people into a new unfolding and appreciation?  This requires honesty, about our feelings and what we want without attachment to the outcome.  We could say how we feel, or respond to what impacts us in order to take things in a more positive and beneficial direction.  We can start with gratitude, and what we trust about someone, share our feelings and if we need anything or not.  But, many times, it is simply saying I am deeply blessed by (Fill in the Blank).  You could say the friends in my life, the partner in my life, the meal that nourished me last night, my community, or that spring is reminding me of new life.  This creates a healing way and a blessing way.It is important that we extend the arms of love, especially when it is difficult.  Be accountable and responsible for what we have created in our relationships, maintain our curiosity and our willingness to grow in all our relationships.  Where are we unwilling to engage? And move from our compassion for ourselves and others.  Angeles Arrien also states, that the direct translation of cruelty is the conscious withholding of love.  Where do I withhold my gratitude or appreciation, forgiveness or validation?  Why?  And what for?  Withholding only hurts the withholder.  Although, it does harm to those in our environment, people move on and life goes on, without us.  The sad thing is that it is without our gifts, our talents, our clarity, and our love. There is an indigenous wisdom that says all people make mistakes and all mistakes are forgivable.  As Louise Hay says, “I help create a world where it is safe to love each other”.  Can we do this and not go into self isolation?  Wayne Dyer says, “If there is a choice to be right, or to be kind, choose kind”.  Choose radical honesty, with devotional compassion.  Choose the opening, the great opening to intimacy.  That only we can initiate.With Great Love in this time of Spring,Char Sundust

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