31 May 2012

Dear Community

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Dear Community,

I have written a prayer as I know we are deeply impacted by the events that happened yesterday, may you find comfort and solace in these words at this time.

In  Beauty,


Great Spirit, Creator.

We come to you with humble hearts and we ask for your comfort and healing. We are not a broken city but badly wounded and in grief for those we’ve lost. Members of our community, precious creatives, healers and visionaries have come to join you creator. We believe it is too soon for their divine appointment. We need your help. Please heal us of this violence creator, rearrange our hearts, remove from us any desire to harm anyone for any reason through word, thought or deed to harm anyone in anyway. May those who have crossed find their way to you, may they know the comfort of your angels, may they have a safe journey to their divine appointment with you. And may we be changed by this tragedy, may it open, deepen and transform us into people who care. May we mentor the youth and their gifts, focus on what is working instead of what isn’t, be in the prescription instead of the description. May our hearts be rearranged to make love the most important thing. It is the greatest healing power we carry. Infuse us with this wisdom, power and love. Please cherish, hold and comfort the families, friends, teachers and fans of those whose lives ended in this terrible tragedy. We need your help to teach us, to heal those who are wounded into their wholeness and well being and to carry us all to the wisdom of spirit. We pray that you will keep us in your safe light. Heal us as family, friends. Heal us as community and lush green city. Guide us to change so this never happens again. Thank you very much creator. Bless us, heal us.

Aho. Amen.


The heart moves deep, wise in the fog of misinterpretations only the grace stills the old memory. Somehow this is to change us, move us into a different place than we’ve known before. What is that place? Grief, yes. Pain, yes. But a seed of wondering, how can we be the change we want to see. The present that shapeshifts things, the voice that sings instead of accuses. How many times have we shot down our most creative selves, isolated ourselves from community and our loved ones. Held bitterness, instead of expressing what would mend everything. Things don’t need to go this far outside of us. They don’t need to go this far inside of us. Are we the victims standing by or are we the gunman/woman firing our rage, apathy, cynicism, our pain, our caring too deeply but not telling a soul. And destroying what is good in life and blessed and ourselves and others. The outside reflects the inside always. This holy ground of our hearts has been changed. When we go to compassion to how it has changed us, we ask for the comfort and open our lives more to notice when someone is in trouble and to care and to make what little differences that we can in our inside world which will affect the outside world. To have compassion for our gunman, inside. To express our gifts and talents, our great hearts that yearn to make a difference for the youth, the elders, and those in between. We cannot look outside for the problem, it’s in each of us and a voice that says right before we’re about to fire, put the gun down son, just put the gun down.

With Blessings In Beauty,


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