24 July 2012

Fall Letter From Char

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On the land in Idaho at Nine Muses the Retreat Center that we have for artists, writers and meditation we have frogs. Tiny little frogs, and frogs as big as a small coconut. This is such a blessing, I love hearing them sing and talk. I love finding them hopping up the steps, or sunbathing on the water lilies in the sweet kingfisher pond. This is a good sign. Frogs are so sensitive to the environment that they wouldn’t be there unless the land was healthy. What they show us in our time here at Nine Muses is that things in the environment are in balance and the frogs are steadily increasing in number. This is how we know the environment is healthy for us and for them. What are our own significators that our environment is healthy? that the landscape of our interior and external world is healthy. What are significators that we are on track in our own lives? That we are in balance? Well…more often than not we are happy when we are living every day of our lives. We have moments where we slow down, speak the unedited truth, sing, dance, be with friends, and tend to the environment of our hearts and the terrain of our relationships. There is an indigenous saying “all my relations” I was told from the time I could walk (and most likely before) that everything is related, that what happens to the stone, the frog, the lupine, happens to me.

What is happening to me? What are the causes? What is my environment like emotionally, spiritually, creatively? How am I co-creating a place where I can live and let live? A healthy environment is one where everything communicates. They say the first law of love is listening. Am I listening to my own heart, to myself, and to the others that I deeply value in my life? Am I supporting and nurturing a healthy environment or am I a toxic thinker and speaker? Do I stay in toxic relationships at work, at home or in the territory of my friendships? Do I not want to change the internal environment so that what is precious in my life can be brought to its fullest potential? My uncle Alan said to me about a month ago, “everything in nature reaches its fullest potential except for human beings” It got me to wondering, what is our fullest potential. How do we know what our fullest potential is? I doubt the frog knows when he is a tadpole or the maple tree knows when she is a small seed spinning to the ground. But if the right environment is sound, the right nourishment is provided then everything comes together to support a long and healthy life. The fullest potential is not hoped for or yearned for, but journeyed toward, reached as the lily pad and cattails, the long sun on a summer’s day, plenty to eat and an environment that supports well being.

Heidegger said, “Do you want to create, or do you want to destroy?” Every day we have the opportunity to create a nurturing environment or a destructive one. Everything is always communicating, what am I communicating, through my body language, my voice, my actions, or my lack thereof? What is it creating? Do I want to reach my potential or do I allow my dream seeds to fall on uncultivated, barren ground?  What am I cultivating and do I tend my own seeds, the work in myself and in my environment? Am I respectful of what others are creating for themselves? Do I think my wants and needs are more or less important than those around me? Am I willing to communicate, to listen and to reflect accurately on the outside what is happening on the inside? Can I conceive of an environment and then take actions that would help me reach my fullest potential? Am I willing to set goals and do whatever it takes? I heard on NPR not too long ago, that if you can fulfill your dreams in this lifetime they are not big enough. May you be so blessed as to produce so many seeds from your work and your play that the environment around you blossoms with a new young and brave forest.  So that all that is strong and sensitive within you may thrive.

With great love and deep respect for your gifts,

Char Sundust

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