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in gratitude

I have been a student of Char Sundust since Fall 2006. She has made such a profound, priceless impact on my life and the lives of so many. I am a Licensed Mental Health Therapist and Char has taught me about many cross-cultural philosophies of healing and wholeness. The work I have done with her ripples out daily to all my clients. She helped me develop my ability to hold deep, honorable space for my clients, while keeping impeccable boundaries. She has taught me how to be loving but firm with my clients so they feel safe. Char’s teachings have brought immense depth and soul to my work. I am forever grateful for her.

Katie McKenna

A trusted ally

A student of Char’s for a few years now, in the spirit of acknowledging my teacher and contributions for opportunities given and healings received, I wanted to write a review for the impact Char has had on my life. Really, the core of her work is transformation spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. The change she provided in my life was and continues to be amazing, and she gives an opportunity for people to begin accessing their own innate wisdom, creativity, and delight through teaching the Four Fold Way and an almost countless number of modalities. Its always a journey, with Char, and each trip takes me to new places in myself. What I would really like to say about Char is how deeply authentic and honest she is – there has never been a lack of trust with her or her intentions for supporting me in my path and to my deepest wants and desires. She is a trusted ally in spirit and in the physical, I could not have found a better Teacher of core Shamanism and Mysticism in the age of integration and honesty.

Nicholas Freelove