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Char Sundust Letter

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[vc_row][vc_column width="1/1"][vc_column_text] “I trust myself to receive your trustworthiness with appreciation” ~ David Richo Hello Every Beautiful One, What do we trust?  Do, we trust that life will continue, life will go on?  Do we believe in ourselves in all that we love?  Do we trust our loved ones, the people we have called into our lives, to love, support, and cherish us, and we, them?  I wonder…. Do we trust the Mystery?  The invisible world that supports us all…the miracle of oxygen and gravity…everything is working as it should.  The sun rises and all become a part of it, because the sun is responsible for everything that rises in the morning…all life emerges.  There are invisible hands at work…loving the world, loving us…bringing every miracle into its fullness. Are we patient?  Do we allow the blossoming of our lives, our desires, our goals?  Do we give ourselves and others the space, the time… to learn, to grow; to blossom in our own ways, and in their own ways? Or do we watch over the tiniest bud, urging it to bloom faster…to open at our whim and will?  When really, we could allow and become mesmerized at its great unfolding…in its own way, and in its own time. Do we trust the miracle that brought us here?  Trust reflects an absolute presence; an acceptance that everything is unfolding in the perfect way for us to become our best selves… Will we continue to open to our best selves; to be part of the small and great miracles of life? What are we grateful for?  Am I truly grateful for everything that brought me to this miracle of now?  Or am I scrounging for the miracles directed by my will and my ego?  Or do I recognize that I am the miracle… that I am the great blessing way… and the miracle is in my trust in the present to carry me to the gifts of tomorrow, through my appreciation of today. May you love and appreciate every miracle that brought you here…in the perfect place, in the perfect time, with all of the perfect teachers around us…to lead us to the miracles that lie waiting, just beyond what we can see. Help me to trust life, Great Mystery, miracle maker of bones, minds, hearts and hands.  Please bless us. Open our eyes, guide our hearts to receive the blessings in this day…to focus on what is working…to bring our gifts...

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Winter Letter from Char Sundust

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Thankfully we humans have the ability to reason. Perhaps. Perhaps not. There is a poem by Walt Whitman where he states ‘I think that I could turn and live with animals. They are so placid and self contained. Not one bows to another. Nor to his kind. That lived hundreds of years ago’…from  Walt Whitman’s poem Leaves of Grass.  Animals simply live. They take care of what they are faced with each day. No one does for them. I have yet to see entitlement in the animal kingdom. Or a lion who says with a den full of cubs and a nursing lioness  ‘well I am king of the forest, someone else should hunt for me’and I will relax here in the comfort of my cave’. Interesting how they don’t think the world owes them anything. How everything is earned through the energy they put in. There is no wild creature that does not know how sufficient they are. We do make them weak and reliant. Pets are wonderful but animals who sustain themselves in the natural cycles of winter, spring, autumn and summer are not supported when we leave them food in the deep fall going into winter. When we ‘help’ them many birds don’t make it if we make them overly reliant. As Angeles Arrien says ‘nothing in nature survives if it is too dependent or too interdependent. Both are needed. So I find it interesting to notice how we human beings as animals have become accustomed to having things done for us. A friend of mine says her mother taught her ‘if you really want to help you don’t ask, you do.’ The lion doesn’t ask. He follows his true nature. He hunts. He is in contact with his instincts and follows through in his actions. He takes care of his family. The instinctual nature is in us also. An internal guidance system so that we can do what it takes to care for ourselves, our families, our work and our creative lives. This seems to have fallen by the wayside. And we are the birds at the winter feeder having not migrated because of a reliance because of something outside… and we don’t only hope but raise quite a fuss if things are not done for us. If we’re are not fed in our own way on our own time. Our acceptance of the way things are and...

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