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Fall 2015 Letter from Char

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I have seen cedar waxwings pass berries to one another—each small body the color of sunrise-- with the little red marks like sealing wax on the tips of their wings. I have seen presidents, and leaders of corporations, organizations, and universities extend such generosity of spirit-- to make one feel invited-- such as having an open door policy, to offering your favorite cup of tea. In these places, you feel cared for, wanted, and respected. I have seen children bring such curiosity as to how flowers bloom, birds fly, trees grow, and other questions ; while holding an expression of consternation about someone far older. “Why did they cut down that tree?” “How come that lady or man was so mean?” “How come little Jonny’s mom won’t let me come over and play?” We could say it’s the world, and that it manifests all of its dark and light configurations in the human spirit. If we effort-less, we find the answers are easier than we make them. The question is, do we respect ourselves? Are we kind to ourselves and to those in our environment? Are we curious about others, or have we already made up our minds? Generosity of spirit is one of the clear indicators of leadership. Hospitality is a form of generosity, and expresses itself through the cross-cultural ways that every continent extends as honor and respect. Hospitality is one. The capacity for deep listening, and curiosity is another. I haven’t met a person yet who doesn’t want the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Other extensions of honor and respect are giveaways. There is no culture in the world that does not gift. Gifts of flowers are given on every continent as extensions of love and honor of a person or event. We have so many ways to express our authenticity; to come out of our posturing, our self-righteousness and our isolation–– and really see one another. We have ways to communicate who we are and to maintain our curiosity, or as Angeles Arrien used to say, “To track that our curiosity is greater than our criticality.” And the great truth that if we have a highly developed judge and self-critic-- waiting to be claimed is our compassionate nature— and it really means, we have compassion work to do. What can we do to deepen and develop in our hospitality to our self; to...

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Meditation and Prayers

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"From the students of the Sundust Oracle Institute." "New inner and outer sight to relate to spirit. To heal and nurture in ways that sustain your happiness and wellness and bring forward the deeper well being. The best, brightest, and beautiful spirits that you are already." - Char Sundust "Knowing you will forever change me." - Char Sundust "All things are workable." - Antony Halbeisen "Stay in your power animal. Stay behind your eyes. You are whole, perfect and beautiful." - Roshi "Look at the patterns that don't work. Take them off like dirty clothes, wash myself in spirit and put on new clothes." - Kathryn "When we had to confront our biggest fear and talk to it - that was very powerful for me. The journey tonight in the woods was amazing for me. It was so good to be under the trees and to be in the elment. I highly recommend doing journeys more outside." - Heather "The path to magic begins with an open heart!" - Heather "The universe has become much kinder. I have successfully passed some very big health challenges. There is a greater abundance materially, mentally and spiritually." I know good true beautiful medicine is about how you think and the way you live - not about style or technique. - Carletta Mayer "I am relearning to shine. I am finding silence in which the voice of love can speak. My compassion is growing, my need to fix dying. I am becoming more aware and less overwhelmed." - Shannon "I am growing in self-love, confidence and clairvoyance...

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