Flow Workshop Summer 2016

Flow 2016 is a weekend workshop

Fri., Aug. 12th 7pm-9pm; Sat., Aug. 13th & 14th 10AM- 5PM

FLOW – Bringing Spirit into Form: An Ongoing Program for Writers and Those Who are Called to Write

Teacher: Char Sundust

The Mayan’s have 80 words to express the heart and experiences of the heart…In the Mayan language they say every heart has a glyph and when they say kindness, it is said your heart is a book. They also believe the Gods eat poetry and so we must write and recite to keep the Gods happy – perhaps this is one of the reasons that all sacred texts are poetic, they read like prose and distillations of human experiences to guide us heal us. This class is in alignment that the Mayan’s belief that in every book is a heart and that indeed the Gods revel in poetry. We will explain writing as a practice of the soul and how to bring these sparks of what wishes to be expressed into form in a way that is deeply transformational, healing and clarifying for the writer, the reader and the future generations to come.


  • Fri., Aug. 12th, 2016- 7- 9PM
  • Fri., Aug. 13th, 2016- 10AM- 5PM
  • Fri., Aug. 14th, 2016- 10AM- 5PM


Format: Weekend Retreat Workshop
Cost: $520
Location: Prashanthi River Retreat–Index, WA. Lodging and Meals Included. For details regarding workshop registration, please contact the SOI Office at (206) 440-8886 or email sundustoracle@comcast.net
To Register for FLOW with Char Sundust please download the FLOW Registration Form_Summer_2016 and fill it out completely and return to SOI by either

Mail in the completed registration forms and your Tuition deposit payment to: Sundust Oracle Institute, PO Box 30125, Seattle, WA 98103

Email us (sundustoracle@comcast.net) your completed registration form and contact us regarding your payment details (credit cards can be taken over the phone or via email)

If you have any questions regarding registering for classes and workshops, please contact the Sundust Oracle Institute office at (206)440-8886 or by email at sundustoracle@comcast.net