July 2017 Newsletter from Char

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“To change one’s life—Start immediately. Do it flamboyantly. No exceptions, no excuses.” -William James




Keep experiencing life. How Am I experiencing life? Showing up, allowing my eye, my heart, and my hands to engage with what has heart and meaning. What I cherish, care for, and love, and what cherishes me.


We are under the spell of the great hurry; that somehow if we can do more in a condensed period of time we will be free…. later.


Today an osprey is free, and all morning has been sounding over the small cove where I live. The sound is striking the drum of the ear with a wonder that causes one to move, to stand, to pause, to look outside. The work of the osprey is simple. And over many years of visitations I find I have yet to see a pair. But today they came on the radiant currents, landing, speaking one another’s language….and their stillness, togetherness, and conversation pauses all other notions in the world. I am with them. They are with me. We are in the world together. They are fishing. They make this look easy, watching from the aspen for motion under the surface—this patience and stillness. Forethought and precision—always fills a font of delight. When after two hours, a half hour, nine hours—they strike, rising with their shimmering, well-earned gift. Today there are two and there is much they can accomplish with two. Much more than one if we cooperate, if we communicate, if we are aware of one another. The gift of their sound enters my day, my interactions informs my heart; and strengthens my spirit and reminds me of the simplicity focus collaboration, and creativity it takes to support our lives.
What is marvelous is one isn’t asking the other to do something—anything—in particular. Each is doing their own part, focused on their work and the flight ahead…and perhaps the return to the nest…that often weighs as much as 4 tons, where the newborn Osprey wait for the catch of the morning. The stillness, the catch, the building of the nest—the tending and nurturing the beings who will enter the future. The powerful sound of connection. My soul is filled with these moments—what regenerates my spirit? What do I want to build to express, to experience…If I don’t have it, if I don’t have a plan to make contact? Perhaps I can collaborate. Perhaps I could touch and share the heart of my experience—Build something great and nurture future generations with what has meaning for me.


Each person has their own vocation. The talent is the call. There is one direction in which all space is open to you. You have faculties silently inviting you there to endless exertion. You are like a ship in a river; you run against obstructions on every side but one; on that side all obstruction is taken away and you sweep serenely over the depths of the mystery into an infinite sea.



Adapted from —Ralph Waldo Emerson, “Spiritual Laws”

What is calling me? How can I answer in ways that serve the greater good for self, for other for community.

We can develop. and if we don’t know we can learn. How can we gather together a collaborative of learners and leaders to bring our gifts to the sweet face of Mother Nature to our homes to our relatives who share this sacred place called home.

AUTHOR - Char Sundust

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