Beware of Making Strangers, Not Friends

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Fall Letter from Char

Hello Every Beautiful One,

I have the great pleasure and honor in my mentoring and teaching practice of working with many beautiful elders in my every day work.  My eldest student is in her 80s, my youngest student is eight wise and wonderful years, and then all those who are in-between.  Something beautiful I have witnessed in my classes is how those of us in-between find delight, derive meaning, and gain beauty, wisdom and clarity through these diverse age groups.  We all have so much to offer one another through our experiences of life, whether we are young and experiencing something for the first time or still learning (which is really all of us, all the time,) or have some level of mastery at what is taking place.  We are truly here to enrich, pass down knowledge, and create a better world together.

There is a song by John Prine that I have loved since I was a child “so if you’re walking down the street sometime and you spot some hollow ancient eyes, don’t just pass them by and stare as if you didn’t care, say hello in there, oh…”  It’s surprising that we don’t say hello in there.  It’s not only with elders, we see it in every age – shoulders hunched, head down, fulfill the day’s agenda, check everything beside the dotted line leading to more work, all without the very reason we have come here: to love, to learn about love, to connect with these sacred people, these amazing miraculous events that walk by us…other human beings like us.  All human beings are equipped with feelings, intuitive natures and experiences.  Every time we pass someone by we are missing out on an adventure.  A thrilling, hair-raising, often ecstatic multiplicity of story-telling and wisdom that could change our lives in a more brilliant and beautiful direction; even if the whole exchange is nothing more than a smile, a nod, or a wave it adds vitality, energy, aliveness and connection to our world.

Something I’ve noticed in my travels is a natural pull to mentorship and wisdom – here in the states and abroad.  In Mexico the elder builders work with the younger builders, and delight in passing down an artist’s true craft.  You hear them in one another’s homes laughing; see them at one another’s celebrations for their children or their grandchildren.  They know one another; they care for and about one another.  In Japan, the honor and respect given to those who have more experience, whose eyes have seen many things, whose fingers have woven the dreams or demise of many things in a long life, those hands are held and that wisdom is honored.

In indigenous traditions they say “oh, they have no ears right now,” when someone cannot listen.  It is simply a statement.  “Oh, they’ve lost their ears, they will find them.”  In this western culture we say “Oh, cat got your tongue?”  Which really means, “my voice has been lost,” or “I don’t have the courage to say what is so for some reason.”  Angeles Arrien calls this weak heartedness.  In her book The Four-Fold Way, she talks about the different kinds of love: love between colleagues, between a student and teacher, between mentor and mentee, between counselor and client, love between friends, life partners, lovers, and between a parent and a child.  It seems we all have our eye on the lover and sometimes the child. Meanwhile, many of our elders are in sterile rooms with electric beds and strangers tending to them, while they remain waiting, silent, wise.  We do not have an eye on the teacher, mentor, student and often times not on the friend, and less than is necessary on the simple extension of love towards ourselves, the sharing of love with others in an empowering way, even sharing what we love in our simplest daily actions.

In many traditions our loves and our gifts are noticed when we are very young by someone else who carries these gifts.  Now, we have apprenticeship and internship programs for everything from doctors to electricians.  I know for many of us much is missing when we won’t talk to anyone or listen to anyone else.  We miss all this delicious perspective, all these different views to add to our own discernment and joy.  We cannot afford to perpetuate isolation which suppresses the basic human need of touch and gaze and soul.  Experience gives us pause to gain a loving or grateful perspective, our heart’s perspective on our lives.  This is the gift of our friends or mentors, our families, our elders, our children.  May those of us in-between remember to nod, smile or gaze, find our ears, find our voices, find our hand and reach out or even say “hello in there, oh…”

In Beauty,




Sundust Oracle Institute - Grand Opening Gala - Sunday, September 18th @ 4:30pm

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SOI Gala CardSOI Gala CardSOI Gala Card



September 2011 Classes

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The Sundust Oracle Institute has two offerings for September 2011:

  • First Year Circle - Spiritual I.D.- Begins on Thursday, September 15th at Bastyr University in room 186. Class begins at 7pm. Please arrive early to check-in.

For additional information or to register email or call the office at 206.440.8886.

  • Second Year Circle - Making the Truth Visible – Eagle Circle - Begins on Saturday, September 17th at the NEW Sundust Oracle Institute school in Greenwood.

The SOI school address is:  8312 Greenwood Ave N., Seattle, WA. 98103

2nd year class is from 10am to 5pm on Saturday. Lunch options are available in the neighborhood yet bring a sack lunch if you choose. Please arrive early to check-in. 

  • The Third Year Clinic: Integration of Shamanic Visionary and Healing Skills Through a Clinic Teaching Environment - Flicker Circle - Begins on Friday evening September 30th at the NEW Sundust Oracle Institute school in Greenwood.

The SOI school address is:  8312 Greenwood Ave N., Seattle, WA. 98103

3rd year class is a weekend long intensive. Class times begin on Friday, September 30th in the evening from 7pm to 9pm, Saturday, October 1st 10am to 5pm, Sunday, October 2nd 10am to 5pm. Please arrive early to check-in. 

For details on these offerings, please visit our Classes page.



Cermonialist Training

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Ceremonialist Training:

This is a weekend intensive on the facilitation of ceremony for the 4 major initiations of life.
Birth, Death, Weddings/Commitments, Coming of Age/leaving home, it is a great honor to be called as a conduit for the mystic third as the container for
the blessing, vision and beauty, that comes with transitions of this magnitude.
This is a weekend workshop for those who feel called to be ceremonialists and celebrants. We will explore rituals from different traditions to assist others in creating a fulfilling, rich, and authentic ceremony whether it be a celebration of coming home or of life.

Dates: September 9 10, 11

Format: Friday
evening 7pm-9pm, Sat & Sun 9:30am to 5pm

Cost: $425/weekend. What to bring: sack
lunch, journal.

• Send in the attached form with your deposit of $100 by September 2nd to reserve your space.
• Send in your deposit of $100 by August 25th to receive a 5% discount.
• Send in your full payment by August 25th to receive a 10% discount.
• Full payment due by the day of event.



Fall Newsletter

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The 2011 Fall Newsletter, including schedule for classes and exciting new changes at the Sundust Oracle Institute, is available.  Registration for classes is open!  Click Here to view the Newsletter



Evening Talk w/Char at East West Bookstore Friday July 29th

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Come and Join Char at this special evening talk this Friday at East West Bookstore! 

Friday, July 29 7:30 - 9pm

Getting to the Heart of the Matter

$25 Students of Char, $42 All others Register Now! 

We all want to get to the heart of things. The heart of our work, our relationships and our ability to have an abundant life complete with meaning, satisfaction and growth.In this evening talk with CHAR SUNDUST we will be exploring how to connect the heart, the spirit, and the intellect in ways that apply our intuitive, intellectual and soul gifts into the physical world to bring us cohesiveness in our lives so we can see the differences we want to see.



Registration for First Year Class is Open

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Registration is now open for 1st Year Class

You can find all the information on this class by visiting our “Classes” page here.

Registration and deposit is due by September 1st.

Early Registration is due by August 15th. Discounts for early registration are available.

Spiritual I.D. – Intuitive Development through
Shamanism: The First Year Class / Circle

The guidance of the heart always brings us to Spirit work with Spirit understanding the innate intuitive and visionary ability across cultures, peoples and continents. In this 9 month intensive class you will learn:
• How to access your intuition.
• How to set clear boundaries in everyday reality.
• How to access a creative sacred life as a practitioner, leader, doctor, therapist, gardener, mother, father or a minister.
• How to access helpful Intuitive skills and personal development skills.
• Symbolic language.
• Visionary work for self and others.
• Shamanic journey work to direct and help others, self and community clarify purpose and extend healing and inspiration.
• Developing medical intuitive skills and recognition of Clairvoyant, Clairsentient and Clairaudient skills.
First Year Circle begins each September and completes each June.

This is a weekly class on Thursday evenings from 7pm-9pm. There are approximately 34 classes, with several breaks, during the year.

First Year Circle also includes two retreats during the year - the Dream Retreat during the year and an Initiation Retreat to complete the year. First Year Circle also includes one full day Saturday Intensive workhops on Protection.

Classes are from 7pm - 9pm each Thursday at Bastyr University’s main campus in Kenmore, Room 186.
Saturday Intensive is held in Seattle, and both Retreats are held outside of Seattle.

First Year Class offers a reduced price for currently enrolled Bastyr Students, Bastyr Alumni, and Students enrolled in Colleges or Univesities.



Earth Day Talk - An Evening with Char Sundust - Listening To the Wisdom of The Earth

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Earth Day - Friday April 22nd  


Earth Wisdom – Listening to the Wisdom of the Earth


7:30-9pm,  A special Earth Day evening talk at East West Bookstore Seattle

 Register at East West Bookstore, in person or online. Where do we go from here?
Our world, the people in it, the animals and plants and elements are always teaching us. Many of us have a transpersonal relationship with the earth. But as listeners and stewards, members of community and family, how do we personalize our relationship to the earth and what she is telling us anyway? How can we be aware of symbols, signals, and clear messages that she is constantly showing us? And be a part of a spiritual and physical solution?



April 23rd Workshop - Vision, Spirit, and Reality: Taking Ourselves To The Next Level

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Saturday April 23rd  Vision, Spirit, and Reality – Taking Ourselves to the Next Level

All day workshop, 10:30am to 6:30pmat East West Bookstore SeattleRegister at East West Bookstore, in person or online. 

A day of clairvoyant, shamanic, cross-cultural, creative, and experiential work to access wisdom internally and externally for walking your path with greater ease and guidance. Each individual has a dream and singular steps are needed to make toward that vision of their lives.

We are also given a vision for our lives, for our deep love relationships, and our work in community. How do we find the next step toward our vision? How do access wisdom from the seen and unseen worlds to clarify, distill, and implement our next step so we can go in the direction we want and find the answers we need when the next step is required?



Letter from Char to Community for the Earth

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Hello Every Beautiful One,


Thank you for coming together in a sacred manner with support, encouragement, and an eye on community. You are exemplifying the truth that at the heart of every community is the holy intention of looking out for one another, to care deeply about one another. With many changes happening with the Earth, we have been called to gather ourselves, our energy, our resources, and the love we all carry and to make it into a prescription and not a description. Yes, it is important to know what is happening, and we are not helpless. We have power and energy, and we can send that energy to strengthen, deepen, and honor the soul of the Earth and to bring healing anywhere on Earth.


What is best is that we take precautions, do self-care, make the effort to visualize a positive outcome, connect with our hearts, spend time with family, friends, and community, and to honor this time of change as an opportunity to deepen and strengthen our relationships. We must not get wrapped up in description because we really don’t know everything that is happening at this time. We must be focused on the prescription and remember our power is in the present moment. We ask ourselves, what can I bring to myself, my family, and my community, to mother earth, and my relationships to all beings? Presence. We can bring our presence and stay located in what is actually happening now, and honor what guidance we are receiving from the mystical and practical worlds.

This is a time we have all been prepared for. How can I be physically prepared and spiritually prepared, how can I be the realistic practical presence that turns things in a more positive and beneficial direction for everyone? Honor what is happening now. Ask, what do I need to feel prepared? Eat some kelp. Have a three-days-three-ways pack, and three weeks of food and water for yourself, your family, and your pets.


When the physicals are done, we tend to our daily practice of connecting to the mystery (taking time one hour a day in nature), listening in silence and loving and creating. If we tend to our own healing, the words that live in our hearts, we will slow down and deepen our relationship, trust, and connection to the nature spirits. We can make offerings (food, stones, little gifts of healing and gratitude for the earth) and in this honor the spirits of land and place. In Japan, in the Shinto tradition, they have many spirits in nature that protect and guard and guide. We have similar spirits here, and while honoring the spirits here we can also honor the spirits there. If we do this here, the nature spirits befriend us. And as with any relationship, this takes consistency, time, listening and sharing, giving and receiving in equal proportion. Trust and closeness are developed through commitments that are kept. A daily time in nature is a commitment worth keeping because it reconnects us with our own nature. As we communicate with nature we heal our instinctual selves, we come home to a deeper trust, and become a part of the solution through honoring the wisdom and insights found in our time with nature.


Our work is to be part of the solution.

Our work is to be part of the solution.

Our work is to be part of the solution.


Make your prayers however you make them. Move to help, assist, and prepare your home and your car. Be awake and listen to your guidance. Everything you need is within you and all around you. The truth about what is happening now is we are blessed beyond sound and sight by what we have been given. Let’s maintain our focus on that, and do whatever we can to assist those we can reach with our gifts and resources while maintaining our own work, health, and wellbeing; so we can empower others, assist and alleviate any suffering. Which is what we really all want to do. We send love where it is wanted and needed. And if our wellbeing is tended, we will be, as Angles Arrien says, “in the prescription and not the description.”


Pray, heal, listen, tend, reach out, and offer healings only when asked or only with permission. Clarify through your heart and guidance from the unseen world any action or prayer before it is made to see if that is what is needed or not. Take care of yourself and the ones you love. Prepare. Be incredibly present, and listen to the wisdom we all carry by doing what we can for the Earth, and all relations. Keep loving and lifting the energy, and continue with the work of caring for self, other, and community.


With Great Respect, Gratitude, and Love,

Char Sundust


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