Peace Out

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Sex, Drugs & Rock n’ Roll –
or Pop; what about Techno, House and Trance?
Where am I hooked? What can I not do without –
I have found that people find a myriad of motions, activities and substances to replace true substance. The Body, Mind and Heart are under so much pressure in our day to day lives that we don’t remember what to worship.

Or even where.

In Bali, they go to the sea each morning with offerings. In the jungle, in the Maya land, there are tortillas in bundles in the trees as gifts to the spirits of land and place. In Japan, the altars are everywhere – small pieces of paper folded in the shapes of prayers, gratitudes, requests. And the cathedrals, where the altar holds the covenant between humanity and the greatest mystery of our relationship with Spirit.

We were talking in a course I was teaching this last weekend about how only 1% of the population is reflective. Now we go to the altar of the bar, the television, our desk or the nearest shopping sanctuary with its marble floors and recessed ceilings.

We are starving for the Mystery, for the Spirit, for a moment to think – yet we counter it with escape instead of a simple limit and boundary. Sometimes we have an issue that is much greater than the occasional weekend bender. And sometimes we are faced with a deadly killer, that is a temporary friend —> but it is temporary and the feeling is fleeting at best. To not be in pain is not the way to face or heal a heart or head that is constantly doing the next thing on a list of to dos that is eternal.

Even our dreams – the bucket list. We don’t allow our 1, 2 or 3 life dreams to be enough. We must have them All or a taste of Everything instead of a soul that touches other soulful motions, movements and stillness.

I call it cheating. I am going to go and take this, drink that, watch something, anything but me – and we have built altars to our own distractions, diversions and addictions. Something I ask myself is, “Is this for the highest good present forward?”

If I need to rest, escaping won’t do it. I end up with a hangover – or something worse. A life spent on meaningless things that were not the altars that would regenerate my spirit and guide my Heart. The altars of Nature – revitalizing relationships – the kitchen counter or stove. The place in the sacred center of my life. A place that cannot be escaped without consequences. Our selves will always resurface, madder and sadder than before.

I have found that what we resist persists and what we most need to do, we often and mostly need to work at and to escape to one’s Self inwardly through reflection, time in Nature, poetry or prayer is Spirit connecting with Spirit in empowering ways for everyone.

AUTHOR - Char Sundust

  • frost freeman | Oct 29, 2015 at 7:51 pm

    Thank you, this is what I see too. I so appreciate your making this clear.

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