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The apple and plum trees would begin their sapling gestures, no matter their age.
Ancient and youthful alike would break the silence, with a white wilderness of blooms
overtaking the valley with its fragrance. We would slow down, dizzy as bees, to gaze skyward
at the powder-white cups against the cerulean blue sky; the cherries would come in too,
flowering with their cacophony of pinks, and let go the scent. So clear
with a cleansing for our eyes and hearts after deep winter—clamoring pistils and petals,
not a leaf in sight, just thousands and thousands of trees with armloads
heavy with Beauty, fragrance, and hope.

I have heard over many years…. that
Hope is at the Bottom of the vessel
The one thing overlooked in Pandora’s Tale of Release & Curiosity.
The Hope in the Tree blossom is the fruit.

When I was a child of seven or eight, my brother and I…. would go to the neighboring homestead
that had few remnants, but for a plum orchard, crooked apple trees, and a Foundation- it was near
enough to walk and return with plums to store for the winter.

The Air would shimmer with history and wonder– and the ground a lattice of forget-me-nots and
bachelor buttons. The Flowering Spring that makes the work of Art which bears the Fruit… the fruit
trees that give such generous blessing are astonishing. The amount they give is dependent on so many factors: rain, wind, pollination, photo-synthesis; the shape of what comes from the tree all formed into this precious pear, peach – Cherry-Golden – delicious.

A tree gives its whole life…. Standing, Blooming, Growing, Moving with the winds….being pruned, then
fruiting and the sending of its children through the bodies of the birds and the brave wind & water that move down through the shimmering skin.

Their whole life given to these past present and future times.

If we as human beings could produce as many of these cup-sized beauty harvests….in each resides the poignant and promising seed of one life, or many.

That We could be so blessed as to give one Season of Fruit—or pollen, or honey…

What can we give to support our fellow beings…. Our unborn children? What have we given? What is
blossoming within me that wants to be offered for the good of all?

AUTHOR - Char Sundust

  • Amy St. Onge | Mar 26, 2016 at 7:30 am

    This is so beautiful — thank you Char. xoxo

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